VirtualDub is not only a free, powerful video processing application, it is also one of the most cleanly written applications that I’ve ever come across. An outstanding example of quality software: zen-like user interface, stable, fast and adaptable.


Those were the Days…

How many times have you installed the latest-bestest-coolest version of your favourite application, only to wonder at the developers’ sanity and wish you could go back to the previous one, which worked just fine? (Or like me, did you have your PC dual-boot to Windows 98 only to be able to run Need for Speed 2 to watch the game videos?) and offer archives of old applications that are no longer supported/hosted by their developers. They’ve helped me rediscover a lot of stuff that I had before my hard disk crashed (the first time).


This nifty little piece of software converts text files into Palm-readable documents. Also I found tons of ads… erm, software… for my Palm device.


The essential selection… this is what I would install if my brain was augmented by a hard drive.