5800 British Airways Concorde


Scale: 1:350
Make: Model Power (The Airliner Collection)
Model #: 5800
Year: 1978
Name: BAC/Aerospatiale Concorde
Description: UK/France, British Airways
Tail number: G-BOAG

The most successful supersonic commercial airliner of all time, with supercruise capability. Only 14 were in service. One of it’s [many] unique features was the “droop nose”, which allowed for different positioning of the nose for different operations (take off, landing, cruising). It’s closest competitor was the strikingly similar Soviet Tupolv Tu-144, which never managed to gained the same amount of popularity. The Concorde was officially put out of service on 24 October, 2003.


WWI Sopwith Camel

WWI Sopwith Camel

Scale: 1:63
Make: N/A
Model #: N/A
Year: 1917
Name: WWI Sopwith Camel
Description: Sopwith F.1 Camel in Royal Air Force livery

The Sopwith Camel has two claims to fame of interest to me. The first is that it is the aircraft that Snoopy (of the “Peanuts” comic strip) imagines his doghouse to be, when he’s in his WWI flying ace mood. The second (connected) is that it is the aircraft that Canadian pilot Captain Arthur “Roy” Brown was flying when he shot down the [in]famous Red Baron, Captain Manfred von Richthofen.The Red Baron, a German fighter pilot, was the most successful flying ace of World War I, with 80 confirmed kills.

MiG-29 Fulcrum

MiG-29 1:64

Scale: 1:64 (?)
Make: Maisto TailWinds
Model #: N/A
Year: 2007
Name: MiG-29 Fulcrum
Description: Camouflage

The MiG-29 (NATO reporting name “Fulcrum”) remains in use by the Russian Air Force and many others to this day in the air superiority role. India reportedly has the fourth largest fleet in the world with 63 in service. I saw these in action at Aero India 2007, as well as the previous Aero India, where a MiG-29 M2 unexpectedly used thrust-vectoring to carry out the “sky-shattering” Cobra Manoeuvre, typically performed by the Sukhois at airshows. The 2007 Aero India had MiG-29 OVTs climbing up vertically, stopping in mid-air, falling out of the sky, and generally putting American aircraft to so much shame it wasn’t even funny.

Airbus A380

Scale: 1:???
Make: Dragon Models
Model #: N/A
Year: 2007
Name: Airbus A380
Description: Original Airbus livery

The biggest airliner ever made, now in my bedroom. This piece came from the Airbus factory at Toulouse, France.

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