Docking Windows in Visual C++

Some resources on docking windows:

  • Professional UI Solutions provides an easy-to-use MFC extension library with a more professional and user-friendly interface. Not all of it is free, but the downloadable examples (with some source code) are really worth looking at.

Automatic Tab Bar for MDI Programs

This [rather old] article at provides an unbelievably easy method to implement Tab Bars in already existing MDI applications. There was a minor bug with Print Preview for which I found a workaround.

Also, this article over explains how you can use the MFC Doc/View architecture with a DLL.

Visual C++, MFC

Programmer proposes, Microsoft disposes. For example, Microsoft Foundation Class Library’s Document/View architecture was using the MVC Design Pattern before most of the progamming world (atleast in India) had woken up to Design Patterns.



  • Programming Visual C++ (5th Edition), By David Kruglinski, Scot Wingo and George Shepherd (Microsoft Press, 1998)