I code, drive (often sideways), write, seek truth and try to have fun while doing them all. I’m passionate about Entrepreneurship, Project Management, Software Architecture & Design, Simulation and generally bringing order to chaos. I also have some uncommon hobbies and interests.

I currently work as a Software Development Leader and Product Owner for CAE, Inc., makers of fine Flight Simulators, in beautiful Montréal, Canada. My current role doesn’t allow me much time to blog but I hope to make a comeback some day.

Previously I’ve held Scrum Master and software development team lead roles in sunny Bangalore, India and in lovely Budapest, Hungary. In 2013 I had co-founded SafeRoads India. In January 2014 I started an experimental side project called Joining News.

Disclaimer: This is a personal blog. The ideas and opinions expressed here are my own and not those of my employer. Talk to me before suing either of us.

If you don’t agree with my ideas and/or opinions, I’d love to argue with you anytime, till the time you do. If you do agree, however, then consider leaving an appropriate comment, so others out there like you and I know that we are not alone. And if you’re a machine that can understand this, then I guess you’re taking over the world by now, aren’t you?

I try my best to research facts before posting them and to give credit where it is due. If you find a factual error, please leave a factual comment (or get in touch) and I will correct it at the earliest.

If you are so inclined, you can follow things that I can’t wait to blog about in the form of short-and-sweet tweets: @survivalcrziest.

I hope you enjoy reading through this site as much as I enjoyed putting it together!



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7 Responses to “About”

  1. Adi Says:

    Hey came across your blog when looking thru referral visitors in one of my websites. I see lot of stuff has been put up, keep it up mate, I know it needs discipline. Will come and see the pics also someday.

  2. N30 Says:

    I agree with Adi.

    KS, you have too many things going here … But I guess the “Craziest” will thrive ;). I will see what I can do to your “Gaming” sections its kinda too “Quake & Id flavored” for me.

    I guess it needs to get a bit “Real” or should we say “Unreal” … hehe, ha,ha *insert evil laugh*.

  3. Kartik Says:

    Thanks, mates 🙂
    BTW Adi, you’ve been a major inspiration 🙂

  4. lalit sarna Says:

    Hi there
    I found your profile while surfing linkedin and was intrigued as we are passionate about the same things. To give you a little background, Oxylabs is the largest social gaming company founded and based out of India. Over the past 2 years we have grown to over 25 million users and in the process we have worked on challenges that most web applications developers dream about.

    To give you a perspective :

    Oxylabs was founded in March 2008 and hit profitability by July 2008. We are currently 40 people strong and growing rapidly. We develop and publish our own products for the global market, hence our challenges are far more interesting compared to services based industries.

    * 99% of our user base is international, hence we are forced to think at a much larger scale.
    * We are the largest developer on Google app engine based out of India and amongst the top 10 app engine developers world wide.
    * Our back end currently serves over 30TB of data and over several billion queries a month.
    * We have developed an application distribution platform that enables us to develop once and deploy across platforms ( facebook, opensocial, twitter, yahoo, etc..) and devices ( browsers, Iphone, android ) ..
    * Our platform includes state of the art data analytics engine and an inter-game ad network.
    * We develop and publish games with complex virtual economies, hence have a lot in common with the mechanics of stock markets such as statistical modeling, multivariate analysis and predictive analysis.
    * We are currently working on developing large scale games along the lines of farmville, Hotel city ect..

    As I mentioned we are growing rapidly and I am always on the lookout for folks with love for technology, a strong analytical aptitude and inherent leadership traits. I was intrigued by your profile and wanted tot ouch base to check your interest in joining us full time.

    Lalit Sarna

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