EDM: What the Trance?



Before Rock ‘n’ Roll there was Blues. Before Jazz there was Folk and Classical. Before EDM (Electronic Dance Music) there was House, Trance, Techno and Electronica.

Not all EDM is Trance. Not all Trance is Epic. Not all Epic Trance is Psy (Psychedelic). Vocal Trance is not always Progressive. Not all Progressive is House. Not all House is Deep. Nor Funky. Nor Soulful.

Before Dubstep, there was Drum ‘n’ Bass. Before DnB, there were Breaks. Breakbeat, Acid, Nu, Trip Hop and Progressive Breaks, no less.

Not every DJ is a Producer. Not every Producer is a Visionary.

There were generations and generations of pioneers before everything ending with .MP3 got mashed up into a single memory stick labelled “EDM”. Even though parties are getting longer, DJ sets are getting shorter. DJs used to regularly play 6-8 hours non-stop, not 2 hours like they do now. There is a melodic break and a predictable build-up on an average every 2 minutes. Before Podcasts became popular, changes in tempo within a track were rare.

But music is always evolving, and electronic music, naturally, evolves faster than any other form. Without experimentation, there can be no progress. Dance music is meant to be enjoyed. So enjoy it, and let others around you enjoy it, too.

But once in a while, remember that we are all crossfading on the shoulders of giants. There was a time when EDM was not one-dimensional and excessively loud. When it was possible to measure a track not just in length, but also in depth. Revisit it, you might just enjoy what you find.

And I’m not even asking you to go as far back as Eurodance or Synthpop.

PS: Follow @ydj_agile if you still own a tape that works 😉







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