Types of Managers

We’ve all seen them. We’ve worked with them. Some of us are one of them. Leave a comment if you think I missed any.

Disclaimer: Any resemblance to a single real person is purely your imagination. This is an article about Management Personas.

The Soccer Coach Manager

Angry. Disbelieving. Distrustful. Ageing. Frustrated. Abusive. Resting on decades-old laurels. Often wears a suit.

The Stayin’ Alive Manager

Dances from one meeting to another. Struggles to make it through the day. Seems to be constantly falling behind. Emails you on Saturday nights and Sunday afternoons. Is always forgetting something important.

The Stealth Manager

Never available for important meetings because he’s attending other important meetings. Never responds to emails because he has too many emails to read. Known to be sending out important emails while being away from his laptop and phone. Only seen at office parties and team buliding events, or anywhere else where either alcohol is served or upper management is present. Delegates everything, tracks nothing.

The Null Manager

A stealth manager who made him/herself redundant.

The Mismanager

Destroys every project s/he touches. Announces deadlines when they are looming so close you can physically feel the heat. Generally clueless and relies on others to complete his/her sentences with facts. Then rephrases what other said as his own ideas. Following the Dilbert Principle, usually found in high places.

The Smooth Operator Manager

Wildly successful. Impeccably dressed (often in blue or pink). Never seen without sunglasses, even indoors. Highly educated, with at least one degree being an MBA. Knows his/her scotch and wine. Hasn’t travelled in anything below Business Class in a decade. Has expensive hobbies. Fitness freak. Possibly good at his/her job. Either deeply envied or deeply hated.

The Commando Manager

Ex-military, with a pair of Ray Ban Aviators. Bossy, dominating. Often mixes brown shoes with black suits (and vice versa). Well meaning but possibly anachronic. Always has a war story or joke to share. Often repeats them.

The Forced Manager

Just wants to sit in a corner with his headphones on and get some real work done. Instead spends his day juggling colorful Excel sheets, whining employees and dissatisfied customers. Despondent, maybe even dejected or depressed. Has a picture of a tropical island and/or his family in a discrete corner (or as his/her wallpaper) to remind him/herself about why they still need this job. Falls sick often because of the stress.

The Leader

The only type of manager we really need. Rose up from the ranks. Knows what s/he’s talking about. Is willing to take risks and stand up for his/her people. Good humored. Well organized. Compassionate. Possibly eccentric.


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