Day 145 – Winin’ n Dinin’

_Captain’s Log, StarDate 2007.11.29-09.40_

Somehow, my Design Lead at work always seemed like the kind of guy who would drive an old, battered, black Honda Civic with manual transmission. I was sure about the black part, anyway. I was surprised to find in the evening that: 1) He did drive a Honda Civic; 2) It wasn’t black, it was beige; and 3) It wasn’t battered, it was spankin’ new, complete with remote locking.

We picked up some wine on the way back to the hotel, but the high point was when we were coming into the last turn and he showed no signs of slowing down. About the time I said, “you’re gonna pull the handbrake now”, was about the time he did exactly that. That proved to me that not all Canadians are mortally afraid of the losing control of thier cars in the snow, and that the art rally-style of handbrake turns was also well-understood here.

So we went up, had some wine, talked about hotel rooms, scale models, snow and Bangalore traffic and eventually got down to dinner. We were tossing some hot parathas on the pan, and the taste impressed our manager so, that he tried his hand at making some on his own (I took a picture for possible future blackmailing 😈 )

Although we were a little apprehensive about how our guests would receive a completely vegetarian meal (“You know why you guys fall sick [in the minus 15 degree temperature that you’re not used to]? You don’t eat meat!”), but the dinner went off well.


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