Day 138 – An Expedition, and a Drive in the Snow!

_Captain’s Log, StarDate 2007.11.22-09.03_

Alpha team braved the icy cold winter and snow outside to mount a search-and-purchase operation today evening. The target drop zone was the local grocery store. Latest intel suggested that fresh vegetables were using it as a hideout.

Collars were rolled up, caps were pulled down and gloves were kept at the ready. Cameras were armed for the operation but shivering hands rendered them almost useless.

The snow had started melting and there was slush everywhere (It was fun to see cars sliding about). As a collateral benefit of the mission, I picked up a Pink Floyd poster and a Ministry of Sound poster.

Back at base, I used my endless charm (ahem!) to convince the receptionist to let me drive her car in the snow. What an experience it was! (She has a Honda Civic, by the way) I managed to gain confidence and even did a couple of donuts in the parking lot, but by that time she looked like she was about to die of fright so I let her have her car back 🙂


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