Day 134 – Event Horizon

_Captain’s Log, StarDate 2007.11.18-08.32_

Work, work and more work. As deadlines come closer, time starts passing by faster. The same thing happens (or atleast is supposed to happen) to objects (spaceships with humans in them) that approach a Black Hole. The Event Horizon is the point of no return, and its equivalent in the software industry is the last phase of the project when you’re supposed to be testing and integrating, but are actually still working on completing stuff so that it can be tested and integrated. That’s when you know you’re sunk!


One Response to “Day 134 – Event Horizon”

  1. Kartik Says:

    There are many other examples of this concept. Such as the fuel gauge needle dropping faster and faster as you approach an empty fuel tank (Well this happens because with more empty space in the tank, more fuel vaporizes and thus the sensor shows even lower levels of liquid fuel).

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