Day 129 – Proper Education

_Captain’s Log, StarDate 2007.11.13-05.35_

I made some new friends at Concordia University today. It’s interesting how the academic culture is so different between India and North America. First of all, university professors in NA command a lot more respect than their counterparts in India can ever hope to. While India is still struggling to provide an education to everyone, academics is a serious business here and the people who make it to the Master’s level generally go on to contribute directly or indirectly to the industry. Which brings me to my next point: the amount of collaboration between universities and industry players. There is very close collaboration between the two in NA (prime example: NASA) with university research shaping industrial products and industry needs in turn driving university research. In India, there is hardly any collaboration. University courses in NA are also a lot more flexible, allowing students to gain valuable work experience along with their studies.
But I guess the Indian education system has its own advantages, too. As soon as I can think of some, I’ll write about them 🙄


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