Day 128 – Airbus A380 at Montreal Airport

_Captain’s Log, StarDate 2007.11.12-01.15_

The gigantic A380 (flight AIB 380) landed at Montreal airport today, and even though the runway is visible from my office, I miscalculated the ETA by a few minutes (I’m told that it landed sooner than expected). Nevermind, here are some photos. I’m sure some of them have been taken by people from office. I’ve also been listening in to the LiveATC feed all afternoon, and most pilots coming in have been asking the controller if the A380 is still there 🙂

While watching the video coverage later, I saw that traffic on the major roads around the airport came to a standstill as people came out of their cars to witness the spectacle. I had actually seen the news helicopter that had taken the footage hovering over the airport for quite some time. Interesting.


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