Day 127 – Montreal Magic

_Captain’s Log, StarDate 2007.11.11-01.50_

Today, my ex-who-never-was showed me around town. First, we visited the Notre-Dame de Montreal Basilica (interestingly, the website is only in French, and so are the tours offered to schoolchildren). I’m told that the 335-year old church has a strong semblance to the Notre-Dame in Paris. I tried not to get too involved inside, churches being a slightly touchy topic with me at the moment.

We went to the Old Port next, which looks so deserted at this time of the year that it looks more like a deserted movie set. We spent some time talking over coffee, the first time in Montreal that I’ve actually had the time to relax in a coffee shop. We talked about old things, new things, things that had happened and things that might [not] happen.

We then headed downtown to a Mexican restaurant called the 3 Amigos. Here we had a couple of excellent Margharitas and tacos and talked some more. After that we went back to her place, which offers an excellent view of Montreal city. I left, walked around a bit in downtown, and headed to the nearest Metro station.

On the way back, I stopped by a David Mirza’s place again and the two of us watched a movie on his iBook (quite uncomfortable on his 13″ screen, I must say). Once again, I chose to walk back to the hotel from the metro station in the near-freezing temperature – and enjoyed it a lot. The only thing I was worried about was my iPod freezing, though. Fortunately, it didn’t 🙂


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