Day 125 – Diwali Puja: Tradition Meets Technology

_Captain’s Log, StarDate 2007.11.09-01.30_

What do you do when you’re away from home for a festival that you have celebrated with your family every year of your life? Diwali is a lot like Christmas, it takes place in winter and it is a wonderful time for friends and family to get together and celebrate, not to mention the copious exchange of presents.

Well, the answer is simple: you turn on your webcam. As with every Diwali, this year too my mother conducted the Diwali rites, except that she was on the other side of the laptop screen. For the last few days, my mother has been sending me recipes by e-mail and today I actually managed to prepare suji ka halwa to near-perfection.

A defining moment? I’d certainly say so.


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