Day 124 – Flurries of Snow :-) , and a Diwali Dinner

_Captain’s Log, StarDate 2007.11.08-01.18_

There was much speculation about whether we would be able to see some snow before leaving back for India, and today morning the issue was finally put to rest. Today morning we had a very, very light snowfall 😆 It fell silently, and wasn’t enough to accumulate on the ground. But it was a snowfall nonetheless, and I will never forget the first moment when I stood outside and looked up at the sky turning to cotton and falling all around me.

The good folks at the hotel had arranged a Diwali dinner for us this evening, and they went all the way to make the evening a memorable one (we later found out the the manager had being researching Diwali for several days!) Yesterday evening, after coming back from work, each of us had found an invitation card, chocolates and a shining red coffee travel mug in our rooms. Today evening’s dinner was fantastic, the chefs had done their best to recreate Indian dishes and the sweets were specifically excellent. There were candles on all tables, and a slideshow about Diwali in the background. It was a wonderful experience, and for a change for all of us, it was a quiet and relaxed Diwali instead of a noisy and smoky one.


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