Day 121 – No More Sleeping With the Lights On

_Captain’s Log, StarDate 2007.11.05-21.11_

I have a big problem – I can’t go to sleep like a normal person. I have to exhaust myself to the point were I literally fall asleep, I don’t go to sleep. My favourite way of falling asleep is by reading a book. For many years now, I’ve never missed reading in bed… even if it is a few pages. Even if it is when I’m back home at some unearthly hour like 3 AM.

As a result, I often fall asleep with the lights on. It wastes electricity, deprives my body of the darkness that it needs to replenish itself, and my mother used to hate it. Besides, I would often wake up with a pain in my neck.

Not any more.

Today, I got Adobe Reader for Palm OS and Txt2Palm and moved some of my e-books to the Palmtop. This was an ultra-low-priority task that has been on my to-do list for over a year now. Now I can read without a light on and fall asleep without wasting electricity, giving my body the darkness hours that it needs, and without anyone knowing about it.


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