05003 Aircraft Carrier U.S.S. Ronald Reagan

720 U.S.S. Ronald Reagan

Scale: 1:720
Make: Revell
Model #: 05003
Year: 2003
Name: Aircraft Carrier U.S.S. Ronald Reagan
  • Unassembled plastic model kit
  • Skill Level: 5 (difficult)
  • No. of components: 180
  • Length: 46.6 cm


  • Detailed hull and deck
  • New underwater bow section
  • Detailed new control tower (island) with large aerial mast
  • 2 separate aircraft lifts
  • Aircraft carried: F/A-18 Hornet (folded and open wings), E-2 Hawkeye, SH-60 Sea King
  • RAM defence systems
  • Sea sparrow launch systems
  • Tractors
  • 4 Propellers
  • Display stands
  • Detailed decals for all deck markings and lifts

From Revell – Ships:

“The USS Ronald Reagan CVN-76 is the ninth aircraft carrier of the Nimitz Class and is also the most modern vessel of this type. She was called after the 40th President of the United States of America who died on 5th June 2004. Compared with her sister ships this vessel has a number of electronic modifications such as an integrated communications system. The most striking external alternation however is the island; it is larger and higher than its predecessors, of more angular design and also 600 tonnes heavier. The vessel was launched on 5th March 2001 and went into service on 12th July 2003. She has an overall length of 332.85 metres. This carrier has a full load displacement of over 100,000 tonnes, reaches a speed of over 30 knots and can operate for about 20 years on one charge of uranium. She is powered by two nuclear reactors supplying four main engines that operate four five-bladed screws. The carrier is equipped with 4 catapults. The air group consists of over 85 aircraft. The USS Ronald Reagan has a crew of about 3200 seamen and needs 2480 additional people for flying operations.”


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