Day 105 – Back Laid

_Captain’s Log, StarDate 2007.10.20-01.55_

My back has given way again, and I had spent the day time-sharing between the sofa and the bed. In the evening I watched The Fast and the Furious: Tokyo Drift. The cars were fantastic, the acting non-existent. Nobody can stand up to Paul Walker 😎

I found a funny kind of coincidence between the guy who finds himself in an alien city (Tokyo; Montreal in my case) and suddenly has access to a powerful car (an Evo; a Mazda 6 in my case). Interesting. Also the part where the guy is trying to explain the concept of drifting: pull on the handbrake and step down on the accelerator. The look of incomprehension on the would-be driver’s face was probably the same that I had when I attended rally school and was told for the first time to pull the handbrake to control the car’s direction… (“What?! Pull the handbrake?! Are you nuts?!”)


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