Day 103 – To HobbieVille…

_Captain’s Log, StarDate 2007.10.18-17.04_

After yesterday’s meeting hangover, I actually started getting some work done today. In the evening, we went to the grocery store and I discovered HobbieVille… the number of scale models and R/C (radio controlled) models that they have is astounding. Cars, trucks, aircraft, boats, ships, submarines, trains… you name it, they have it. The trains reminded me of my Hornby Railways “OO” guage electric train set, something that I have since my first birthday. And it still works 😀

I’m planning on giving away all my clothes to make space for all the scale models I want to take back with me. W00t!

I discovered something called “scrum” at work today, which could turn out to be a potentially life-changing event. Will write more about it later. I also discovered g00gl3 4 l33t haxx0rs 😀 (incidentally, google uses scrum, too).


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