Day 092 – History Experienced (And Made)

_Captain’s Log, StarDate 2007.10.06-01.38_

Mazda 6 Rear Half Mazda 6 Tacho Mazda 6 Front Half

My Mazda 6 arrived today… what a car!! Things I loved about it right away:

  • It has a spoiler!
  • Twin exhausts
  • The sporty tail lamp cluster
  • Disc brakes on the rear tyres
  • The instrument cluster – straight out of “The Fast and the Furious”!

I have no better example of the appeal of the car than the reaction out of two of my friends who had turned down the idea of a weekend driving trip earlier. I took them for a spin in the car and said, “I’m just going to say one thing now and after that you tell me whether you want to come along or not”, and then I revved the engine. The answer was an instantaneous “yes!”

We started out for Quebec City at around 1 in the afternoon, with printed directions from trusty google maps. Our plan was to reach Tadoussac, a village resort where there is a possiblity of whale watching. Once we caught the highway out of Montreal, it was smooth going… a clean 100 km/h on the open highway, sticking to a single lane like a video game. The car’s controls were exteremely sensitive and I wasn’t really confident driving it because I had no idea about the steering response, the stopping distance and such things since I hadn’t driven the car at low speeds at all, except in the parking lot. So it was a little crazy, but then man and machine soon developed an understanding and we settled down to comfortably watch the crazies whiz by at a 180 an hour in the driving rain.

The Canadian countryside is really beautiful and the highways really wide. We saw a riot of fall colours and I especially enjoyed the wide open space. We [unintentionally] stopped for lunch at the small [ice] fishing village of Ste-Ann de la Pérade, which was a fantastic experience. It was only later that I realized the uniqueness of the place, and I think we were very fortunate indeed to feel hungry at the right time!

We reached the outskirts of Quebec City in the evening and headed straight to the Montmorency Falls. To highway leading down to the base of the falls is a steep downward slope heading straight towards the river, approaching it at 90 degrees. It curves at the edge of the river to start running parallel to it. It was definitely one of the best driving experiences I have ever had… hurtling down towards a river at a 80 km an hour and then turning to drive alongside it!

We spent some time at the falls and then headed back towards Quebec City. We didn’t know our way around but by instinct and a stroke of luck somehow manged to find our way to Old Quebec City, which is a semi-walled in part of the city that resembles 16th century France more than anything else. It also boasts of Laval University, which the parking lot attendant claimed is the second-oldest university in the North American continent. We spent the rest of the evening admiring the old buildings and picking up souveneirs. After dinner, we started back towards Montreal (to be continued…)


One Response to “Day 092 – History Experienced (And Made)”

  1. Ma Says:

    I Can imagine u must be on seventh heaven driving bt river side and flying at 180 km…..old dreams come true….Mata needs to be sitting in ur car to save u…ha! ha!

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