Day 091 – Shifted Rooms

_Captain’s Log, StarDate 2007.10.05-01.21_

Thanks to the weakening US economy, in a bid to cut costs, from now on we’re going to share rooms in groups of two. So Mr. P and I moved into a “Honeymoon Suite”, which fortunately has a bedroom separate from the living room. The living room sofa has a pull out bed so we don’t have to sleep in the same room (although there are two separate beds in the bedroom). Unfortunately, there is only one bathroom (and also only one kitchenette). There are already a lot of conflicts between other people in other groups (especially where food tastes don’t match).

I managed to get us a room on the top (6th) floor, which has an excellent view of Montreal, including Mount Royal. I guess I’m going to pick up some good habits now, since I’ve got a commitment to free up the bathroom at a fixed time everyday… no more resetting the alarm in the morning, no more lazing around in bed till the last minute and no more skipping breakfast for that extra 15 minutes of sleep 🙂

I stayed up late watching 2 Fast 2 Furious (again) and making some phone calls back to India after that. I have a long day tomorrow but somehow I’m growing more and more allergic to sleep these days…


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