Day 085 – I DROVE!!!

_Captain’s Log, StarDate 2007.09.29-01.38_

After 85 days, I finally drove a car!! Well, not a car actually, but a minivan. A Pontiac Montana SV6, to be precise. It wasn’t planned. I was woken up with a call in the morning with my friends telling me that they had planned an excursion the night before over drinks; they were going to rent a car and someone else was supposed to be driving. I just tagged along, but at the time of signing the papers for the car I (rather shamelessly) got my name also added as an additional driver (“just in case”).

Pontiac Montana SV6

Well, we headed to the nearby ski resort of Mont Tremblant and everything was going fine. Of course, I was feeling quite weird sitting in the front right seat and not driving, but I made do with holding on to something or the other and diverting my attention towards the passing scenery. The leaves are all a mix of green, yellow and red and I can’t describe the scene in better words than the guy who was driving the car did… it felt like we were driving into a postcard. Partly because the car had an automatic transmission, and partly because he felt that he was missing all the scenery, he soon got fed up. At one place, we stopped for snacks and after that I took over. As usual, once I took over, I took over for good. After that I drove for the rest of the afternoon, evening and night 🙂

Mont Tremblant is a place that I can best describe as a scaled-down version of Switzerland. Everything about it has a European, strongly Swiss touch about it. We saw the clear mountain slopes that will soon be covered in snow, skiers and snowboarders. I actually rode in a ski-lift! We also visited a nearby lake. The drive was pretty much like some of my favourite drives back home in the Nilgiris, except that the leaves were yellow instead of green.

We started back after an early supper and witnessed a couple of cop chases down the highway (atleast one of them involved a Chevrolet Corvette ;-)), but missed the exit while entering Montreal. After that we got extremely, extremely lost. So lost, that we even ended up buying a map. Since we couldn’t find our way to the hotel, we headed downtown instead, which is a place everybody knows the directions to, especially on a weekend. We took in some of the Montreal night life and a couple of burgers, and eventually reached the hotel at 4.30 in the morning. We would probably never have made it if it hadn’t been for the help of one of the security patrol vehicles around the airport area. The poor French-speaking chap was having so much explaining the route to us in English that he eventually gave up and made us follow him until we recognized some landmarks. All’s well that ends in a well 🙂


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  1. vic Says:

    dude, bust out those pics bro!

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