Day 079 – Adventure on the High Seas

_Captain’s Log, StarDate 2007.09.23-01.06_
MY Arctic Sunrise

Greenpeace‘s ice breaker, the Motor Yatch Arctic Ice, was anchored at the Old Port today. It was my first time seeing something to do with Greenpeace in real life. It was my first time seeing an ice breaker. It was my first time seeing a ship registered in Amsterdam. It was my first time seeing a green ship. Unfortunatley, I missed getting on the ship for a guided tour by 10 minutes… there were so many visitors that the organizers had to close entry before time.

The Old Port is a captivating place, it really is reminiscent of a port in France than one in North America. It has cobblestoned roads and areas closed to vehicular traffic. People move around on foot, skates, bicycles, tricycles, quadricycles, and so on. It is one of the most perfect places to sit and watch life go by. Ironically enough, it is also home to a Science Centre and an IMAX theatre. But one could spend the entire day sitting around in the sprawling lawns and not be bothered by anyone or anything. It is also Wi-Fi enabled 🙂

Earlier today, I also bought myself 3 things that I’ve been waiting a long time for – a pair of hiking boots, a Ford Racing cap and an actual, functional Transformer – an aircraft that can be transformed into a robot. My closest estimate for the amount of time I’ve been waiting to get one of those is about 15 years 🙂


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