Day 076 – Winter Shopping Has Begun!

_Captain’s Log, StarDate 2007.09.20-01.09_

Autumn (or “fall” as they prefer calling it in this part of the world) is already here and winter is on it’s way. Time to start acquiring specialized survival equipment. I started with a pair of gloves from HotPaws… they are actually meant for snowboarding and look pretty cool (or hot?). I also got myself some plain T-shirts… black, white, grey and blue. I always disliked plain T-shirts because I felt that a T-shirt that didn’t proclaim anything made the wearer look impressionable. But now I’ve got bored of loud Linkin Park and Pink Floyd T-shirts and want something more chilled out to wear once in a while. Plain white is a statement. So is plain black. So is plain everything else. So there.


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