Day 072 – Another Lazy Sunday

_Captain’s Log, StarDate 2007.09.16-00.33_

I had planned to go out and meet my old friend from school Victor today. Victor’s been in Montreal for some time now and I haven’t have been able to take the time out to go meet up with him. But I haven’t been feeling too well and decided to get some rest at home instead.

At night on messenger, I ran into good ol’ Karan, my semi-entrepreneur friend who’s in San Francisco right now. I think it was the new years’ eve of 2004-2005, when Karan had opted to turn down an company-paid vacation in Goa and come to Bangalore instead. That was possibly the best new years’ I’ve ever celebrated – at night, we drove out of Bangalore with no particular destination in mind. We listened to Guns ‘n’ Roses, Pink Floyd and classic rock all the way. We drove 100 kms straight, stopped, turned around and drove 100 kms back. For the entire trip, neither of us spoke a single word to each other. We didn’t need to. Strange things happen when old friends meet. In life, sometimes distances become irrelevant and words become superfluous. Unfortunately, not everyone I know (knew) understands (understood) that.


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