Day 066 – Strange Windows Vista

_Captain’s Log, StarDate 2007.09.10_

Somebody got a new laptop today so I spent my whole evening imparting tips and advice. It was an HP dv6000 running Windows Vista. We left it running with nothing but the web browser on and came back from dinner to find that it had unexplicably crashed. Several attempts later, we got the system to boot but then we got this weird message saying that the OS installation had crashed and needed to be repaired. The best part was that according to the message, “only installations listed below can be repaired”, and there was absolutely nothing listed below. The message went on to explain that if no installations were listed, then we should “load the appropriate hard disk drivers”. Isn’t that wonderful? Your OS telling you to load the hard disk drivers so that it can recognize itself? I mean, if I have to load hard disk drivers myself, what do I need an OS that takes up 17 GB for? Insane!


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