Day 064 – Jet Boating and Ice Skating!

_Captain’s Log, 2007.09.08-00.43_

Today I had the good fortune to add two more activities to my list of adventure sports. First, we went for “Jet Boating” down the Saint-Laurent river. I actually wore a Sea.Doo wetsuit, something that I expected to be able to do only after quitting my job and becoming a freelance photographer for Noida Geographic or something like that 😀 We went downriver in a powerful launch and went through rapids which kept getting progressively bigger to the point that almost the entire boat was coming under the waves when we hit them. Before each progression, the pilot stopped the boat and our guide explained to us about the next type of rapids that we were going to go through. After that we would approach the rapids at full speed (about 100-120 kmph) and at the last moment the pilot would cut power so we would go through the waves real slow. His other favourite manoeuvre was something akin to a hand-brake turn… he would spin the boat around, and at one point we even spotted a rainbow in the spray!

There were a lot of people on rafts and kayaks around us, and in fact the rescue folks were looking for a kayak that had disappeared in one of the 20-25 feet deep vortices that tend to form near the rapids.

We had a quick bite at the LaSalle Drive In, which is a drive-in restaurant that caters to cyclists and skaters. After that we headed to Atrium at Le1000, where we tried our feet at ice skating. It wasn’t as bad as I had thougt it would be, I was able to balance myself much better than I had seen folks in Archie comics do. I actually managed to go round the rink a few times without holding on to the side-rails even once, although I must admit that the art of propelling myself forward at a decent pace eluded me.

So many of my dreams are coming true, some of which I didn’t even know I had! 🙂


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