Day 052 – The Corridors of Power

_Captain’s Log, StarDate 2007.08.27-00.39_

Today I was showing a couple of people around office and we were walking through a long, rather narrow corridor when a group of people in business suits started walking in from the opposite direction. Amidst the crowd I noticed a vaguely familiar face. It took me a moment to realize that the same face was on the cover of a magazine I was reading earlier – our company’s Group President!

The best part was that I looked him in the eye and wished him a good afternoon, and he had the humility to wish me back – not with the typical nod, but with a smile and in as many words. I really admire that in leaders. One of my biggest fears is that arrogance will one day (far in the future) get the better of me. How do men weilding so much power remain so humble? On the other hand, if they were not humble, polite and well-mannered, they would probably not be weilding so much power anyway…


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