Day 050 – A Twist of Fate, and Another Dream Come True

_Captain’s Log, StarDate 2007.08.25-17.08_

We were planning to go Downtown for shopping, and to catch our last glimpses of Downtown Montreal in its full glory before the impending fall (autumn) sets in. By a strange twist of fate, I got late and missed my buddies at the Mall. Later, I found out that they went to watch a Hindi movie, which suited me perfectly fine because I’m not the kind to pay money to be locked up in a dark room with strangers eating popcorn watching scantily-clad women and formally-dressed men running around trees.

With the effort of dressing up and leaving the Hotel having already been taken, and with nothing better to do, I decided to check out a supposedly have-it-all store called Canadian Tire here. And thus ended up spending the best 5 hours of my life in a shopping mall, ever. The massive store stocks everything a man (often secretly) desires – camping equipment, outdoor clothing, sports equipment, automobile accessories/tools/spares, hardware, tools, powertools, nifty little tools and gadgets, electricals, electronics, gardening equipment, knives and weapons – you name it! I was overwhelmed by the range, the variety within each category, and how well-organized the whole thing was. I spent hours looking at stuff that I had till now only seen on TV, marvelled at its simplicity and beauty, and wondered why we don’t have the same thing available in India. I finally got to see and touch something that has been an enigma to me since childhood – duct tape. Yes, plain ol’ grey duct tape. I still haven’t been able to figure out why we don’t have duct tape in India. My personal favourite, though, was – brace yourself – flavouring for charcoal barbecue fires. You drop in some of it into the fire and supposedly some of the flavour wears off on the food you’re cooking. What kind of a jobless mind did it take to invent something like that?


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