Day 042 – Blackout

_Captain’s Log, StarDate 2007.08.17-01:58_

Something really unexpected happened today – we came back to our hotel rooms to find a note saying that due to emergency repairs being carried out by Hydro-Quebec (the power company), there will be power interruption/no power between 11.30 PM and 7.00 AM. Wow! For all you people out there who think Bangalore/India’s power situation is bad, check this out… we’re far better!

I wasn’t really sure if I would survive the night without fresh oxygen from the A/C, but I took a chance anyway. Guess what, I survived.

We also semi-celebrated Sunil’s birthday before we ran into our rooms to avoid bumping into things in the dark. I had quite an experience watching DooM on the laptop in pitch dark. I just loved the part when the camera turned into the First Person Shooter view, it was so much like the days in school when I used to stay up all night playing Quake in the dark so that my parents wouldn’t find out. My experiments with modding and experimenting with Quake in the dark gave me the fast typing speed that I have today. Yes, it’s true – the only way to really speed up your typing is to type in the dark… sorry Dad, Typing Tutor really didn’t help 🙂 (What *did* help was your insistence that I use the right fingers for the right keys, always).

Quake used to scare the hell out of me, I used to dream of it till many years after I stopped playing it. Sometimes I still do, and maybe one day I might actually get down to finishing it (I kept losing my saved games because of crashed hard disks and had to keep starting all over again). My best experience with Quake ever was the night when I was playing in the dark as usual, and there was a *real* [minor] earthquake. My first reaction was to think that (1) Hell really does exist, (2) it has descended to Earth and (3) I’m soon going to meet my maker. I don’t think I have ever felt that much fear in my life ever. I don’t think any amount of sophisticated computer equipment can recreate that fear. I mean, how many people are lucky enough to experience a real quake while playing Quake, and live to tell the story?


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