Day 040 – “Freedom is the right of all sentient beings”

_Captain’s Log, StarDate 2007.08.15-01.43_

We celebrated Independence Day today, with a lot of good intentions and a lot of bad planning. On the whole it went off well. We had a little flag hoisting and singing ceremony in the hotel. The hotel folks were extremely cooperative (infact they even arranged for our small little flag to be stiched onto a small little flag pole about 2 feet in length). There is some video footage which I’m sure will creep its way to the Internet soon enough.

Went to watch Transformers today. What a movie. That’s one movie I didn’t mind wasting time and money on watching in the theatre (and just might again). It’s every boy’s secret dream come true (and we know that men are always young at heart ;-)) – cars and trucks and Humvees and F-22 Raptors transforming into killer robots from outer space. The never-ending war between good and evil, with good being badly outnumbered but eventually victorious. Good-looking women who know about cars and computers :-). Threat to national security (of course, as far as Hollywood is concerned, planet Earth starts and ends with America… I mean here is a race of “autonomous robotic life forms from the planet Cybertron” wreaking havoc all over the place and it’s still just “a threat to national security”. Sheesh). Loser Sam overnight gets a car, then a girl (who is good-looking *and* knows about cars), then his car turns out to be an alien robot from outer space, then he meets more alien robot friends from outer space, and finally he plays his part in saving the world. What more can the average man possibly ask for?

There are inconsitencies and gaps in the script, besides the fact that it doesn’t match with what is generally accepted as the original Transformers legend, but then as Optimus Prime said, “Freedom is the right of all sentient beings”. More so if they are movie writers/directors.

“My car just stood up and started walking…”


3 Responses to “Day 040 – “Freedom is the right of all sentient beings””

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  3. ShadowMaster Says:

    What did Jesus fight for? He fought for Freedom!

    And Freedom is the RIGHT of ALL SENTIENT Beings.

    Until ALL ARE ONE!

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