Day 037 – using System.Reflection;

_Captain’s Log, StarDate 2007.08.12-01.39_

I finally uploaded my NASCAR weekend photos today. I really can’t say “today” because I was up until 3.30 AM. I think today was one of the longest unbroken sessions I’ve had on the laptop – about 9 hours. I’d die for more opportunities like this… I really hate leaving work half-done, and I hate not being able to spend long hours “computing”. I wish I had the luxury of pulling more all-nighters like I used to in school and college. I haven’t really broken my head over a computer problem at home for more than a year now. Right now, I just want to lock myself up and reappear a few months later. Ah, well. The medicrity of human existence. IMHO, the design of the human body is inherently flawed – the brain works so much more faster than the body, and spends most of its time waiting for the physical body to catch up. If thought is instantaneous, why can’t actions be? Bad design, I say. It’s like your ISP capping your Internet bandwidth, or putting a rev limiter on a Ferrari. I hope we can break this physical limit one day. We have already partially conquered distance by travelling into space, maybe one day we’ll conquer time as well. After all, it is all about spacetime, isn’t it? But then, there are degrees of truth, and there are dimensions of reality…

“Everything that has a beginning has an end”, Agent Smith told us in The Matrix: Revolutions. What about things that have no beginning? What about a place where there is no concept of time? Where everything is constant? What if…


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