Day 032 – Jason Bourne = J.B. = James Bond?

_Captain’s Log, StarDate 2007.08.07-01.34_

We went to watch The Bourne Ultimatum today evening. I haven’t seen a dumber movie in a long, long time. I actually went to sleep during one of the long-drawn chase sequences on foot. JB loses his girlfriend in the second movie of the trilogy, so to compensate, an ex-girlfriend appears that he (surprise) doesn’t remember anything about. Sheesh. The ebb of disappointment was the scene where JB and the girl are in an abandoned house and she’s cutting off her hair in the bathroom to change her appearance. Talk about plagiarising from your own script. People being tracked physically using their passports (not where their passports are being used, but their passports physically). People not being tracked by their passports, where their passports are being used. JB surviving innumerable accidents that even a cat with 9 lives wouldn’t. One more such unbelievable scene and JB would almost be rivalling the greatest action hero that ever lived, Rajnikanth 😎


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