Day 021 – An Old Dream Fulfilled

_Captain’s Log, StarDate 2007.07.27-??.??_

At work, I realized that I was being over-zealous in my efforts and for the last week had been trying to find the perfect solution to a problem that didn’t exist… or didn’t require to be solved, anyway. Nevertheless, I learnt a lot trying to solve the non-existent problem and I’m sure one day I’ll create the perfect problem for the solution I have with me today 😉

In the evening, with a little help from the Internet, I made some value-for-money purchases. I bought a set of speakers for my laptop for 20 $, which is basically an inch away from stealing. I managed to find a cover for my iPod for 20 $, when the actual cost is about 59 $. The third thing I bought was something that I have been (rather patiently) lusting after for the last 5 years or so… a Metallic Blue WACOM Graphire4 4×5 Tablet. It is basically a pen that replaces your mouse, and is mainly used with drawing applications like Adobe Photoshop (all lefts and rights reserved).

Later in the evening I also picked up a cocktail shaker at a price that I’m not going to reveal because I’m planning to buy a lot more of those and sell them at a profit back home 😉

The outdoors and camping culture is prevalent in Canada, and every nukkad-ki-dukan stocks on camping goods that you can wear your Woodland shoes off looking for in India and never find. At the same shop where I picked up the shaker, I found (amongst others) some interesting contraptions like retractable clothes lines, all manner of use-n-throw goods, a device called a “cigarette extinguisher” which I think is somebody’s capitalist solution to the widespread wildfires here, and my personal favourite – cardboard pulp solidified into blocks being packaged and sold as kindle for starting campfires.


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