Day 020 – Bheja Fry

_Captain’s Log, StarDate 2007.07.26-??.??_

Well, somewhere down the line “Hera Pheri” from yesterday’s invitation turned into “Bheja Fry”. Also thrown in by the wonderful hotel staff were a variety of snacks, lots of popcorn and soft drinks. We all enjoyed the movie (strangely enough, I did too!)

I saw a traffic jam outside the hotel for the first time here. The good thing about Canadian traffic jams as opposed to Indian/Bangalorean traffic jams is that out here, you can only see them, but in Bangalore, you can feel them with all five senses. Here, everybody just patiently waits for things to get moving again, but back home, everybody takes it upon themselves as their sacred duty to move things themselves. Anyway, with the number of headlights on it, I’m sure Hosur Road is right up there with the Great Wall of China in the list of features visible from the Moon.


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