Day 017 – Water, Water, Everywhere

_Captain’s Log, 2007.07.23-??.??_

Although Friday is an auspicious day to start something new, I sometimes prefer Monday because of the convinience it offers in tracking progress on a weekly baisis 🙂 So I took the opportunity of a new Monday to start two new things – first, I gathered the courage to brave the laundry room (with its coin-operated industrial-strength washers and driers and no written instructions), and second, I went for a swim while the machines were washing my clothes, drying them and (so it sounded) breaking their buttons. As a bonus new activity (hell, why not, while we’re already at it), I threw in ironing of the washed clothes.

All three experiences were pleasant. The clothes got washed without any mishap, although I had to take someone’s help to figure out the non-intuitive user interface (you place coins on a small coin-placing-thingy, push the small coin-placing-thingy in, and – this was the part I couldn’t figure out myself – pull the small coin-placing-thingy out, without the coins this time). While the clothes were being washed by the grand-motherly washing machine, I experimented with the Jacuzzi next-door and 6-7 of us played some water volley-ball in the Swimming Pool. I got out to shift the clothes to the drier and went back in for another, rather long, round of water volley-ball. The output produced by the drier was surprisingly intact, hot (as opposed to warm) and wrinkle-free.

The ironing was the tricky part, as I had to make sure I don’t further diminsh my rather short supply of clothing here. Fortunately for me, 110 V irons work in pretty much the same way as 220 V ones.

I had something vaguely resembling dinner after midnight and got into bed about the same time as the subcontinent of Great Britain was being flooded by torrential rain.


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