Day 016 – The Temple and the iPod!

_Captain’s Log, 2007.07.22-??.??_

The day started off with a visit to a nearby “Hindu Mandir” organized at the last minute by Barry, the ever-smiling, ever-polite, ever-friendly, good-natured and fantastic-humoured gentleman who drives us to work everyday. It was an excellent experience; I didn’t expect to find familiar Gods and Godesses here! All the major Hindu deities were there in all their glory, idols as good (if not better) than in the best of the Temples we have in India. The prayer hall was much bigger than usual, though, and the Canadian touches included coat racks and a rather unusual building design in which the main chamber is on the first floor. We spent quite a lot of time there, over an hour.

We came back, had lunch ordered from a Punjabi Dhaba and headed to the electronics stores. I picked up (finally!!) an iPod Nano 2 GB B-)


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