Day 015 – Return to Innocence

_Captain’s Log, StarDate 2007.07.21-??.??_

Before coming here, I had made elaborate plans for looking for scale models – cars, trucks, aircraft, space shuttles, ships, radio-controlled RC yatchs, the NCC-1701D from Star Trek, what not… during the first week, while looking for calling cards, I happened to walk into a store with the sign “Magazines – Cigarettes – …” and other such oddities. Little did I realize that walking into that door would change my life forever.

Think of a scale model. Any scale model. Any of those I mentioned above. Any other. Military. Civilian. Vehicle. Craft. Train. Soldier. Human. Animal. Alien. Humanoid. Movie merchandise. SF. Fantasy. And everything else in between.

Think of a scale. Any scale. 1:18. 1:24. 1:27. 1:43. 1:(random(100)).

Think of a material. Any material. Plastic. Die-cast metal. Aluminium. Wood. Carbon fibre. Self-cloaking self-synthesizing self-replicating material made from UFO technology. (OK, disregard the last two, but you get the idea…)

The guy has it all. I mean *all*. He even has a book on the history of Matchbox (the toy makers). He also has a full blown dinosaur skeleton, Jurassic Park style. Besides these, he stocks just about every magazine ever (I even recognized some from NFS Underground), comics and fabulous merchandise from the world of DC and Marvel. Alien vs Predator playsets, Star Wars LightSabers, Star Trek T-shirt (3 sizes too big), TinTin T-shirts, posters, cut-outs, you name it.

I won’t reveal how much time I spent in the shop today, but let’s just say it was quite a bit 🙂


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