Day 011 – What I’ve Done

_Captain’s Log, 2007.07.17-23.56_

Lots of last-minute panic starting at 7 AM for filing the Income Tax Returns. Lots of satisfying programming at work – I practically did something that has been floating around as a theory in my mind for years now. A completely reusable and customizable plugin architecture, a la Winamp. It also happened to be what my Project Leader wanted to do, but he wasn’t sure how practical the implementation would be. I was able to prove today that the idea would work. Will write more about it, probably towards the end of this week.

Movies tickets are sold at half-rate (which amounts to $5) at the neighbourhood multiplex on Mondays through Wednesdays. A lot of people headed there today and watched different movies. I chose to pursue more virtual interests with my laptop. I’m getting crazy Internet speeds here – 200 to 300 kBit/s!! I’ve run out of space on my hard disk!!

Happened to see Linkin Park’s video of “What I’ve Done” on TV. It’s been around for some time now but if you haven’t seen it yet please do. It is bound to make you think. I found one part very moving – an obviously very western, very urban woman is consciously measuring her waistline, and the scene abruptly changes to a very undernourished man nearly dying on the streets of Africa. What I’ve Done, indeed.


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