Day 007 – Friday the 13th

_Captain’s Log, StarDate 2007.07.13-??.??_

Had one the most satisfying technical discussions ever with my Project Leader at work. One of the very few I remember where both parties converged at a single solution, building up on each others’ ideas. What was really interesting was that he had thought of a concept in the morning and I was well on my on implementing the exact same thing (as a proof-of-my-concept to him) when we sat for discussions in the afternoon. Another thing that really blows my mind is that he even draws the rough diagrams during a discussion in UML – it just comes so naturally to him! They are all perfect diagrams, even when he talks about two objects interacting he describes it with a sequence diagram. It’s a fantastic practice and I wish I had the discipline to follow it! I may be able to draw a perfect rectangle or a perfect circle, but the moment I have to draw both, I end up drawing a quadrilateral and an egg.

My Australian friend is leaving tomorrow, and over some freshly brewed Starbucks coffee we had yet another interesting discussion about technology trends, Google’s IT strategy, corruption, economy, jazz and club entry charges(!)

In the evening I made some, well, purchases (photos coming up soon) and for a change saw something on TV which wasn’t French.


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