Day 005 – Up In Smoke!

_Captain’s Log, StarDate 2007.07.11-11.10_

Had a fantastic beginning to the day with the fire alarms going off in my team-mate Mr P.’s room. I came back up from breakfast to find him and other partner Mr S. just finishing preparing a sumptuous(?) dish of curd rice. Mr P. then whips out the largest pan there is, turns up the heat on the stove to HI, pours a spoonful of oil (after what he did, I had to check with him later to make sure it wasn’t hair oil) and a spoonful of seeds to fry. Evidently, Mr P.’s physics is a little weak, even though he does share the same initial letter with the subject. I was standing at the other end of the room, watching. I could see the hotplate glowing red, something that I’ve never had the [mis]fortune to set my eyes on before. I shouted out to him to turn the heat down. Maybe Mr P.’s hearing gets affected when he’s wearing only a towel… I don’t know. Anyway, by this time all my 6-odd senses were telling me that something wasn’t right, so I walked up to him to forcibly turn the stove off. Unfortunately, the fire alarm beat me to it. With nothing to absorb the heat, the seeds got burnt and the resulting smoke triggered the fire alarm.

There was nothing else to do now, so I just went back to where I was standing next to the window to watch the ensuing fun. I was expecting the sprinklers to come on any minute, and flood the room like an unseasonal Bangalore rain. Fortunately, the system is smarter than that. As soon as the alarm went off, front office called to check if everything was OK. Mr S. hesitatingly made an embarrassed explanation. A hotel staffer descended on the scene to turn off the alarm, and to add insult to injury found Mr P. (who was by now hiding in the dressing room) in nothing but his towel 🙂

Thankfully, we found out in the evening that such scenes are not uncommon in the hotel with Indian smoke trying to mix with Canadian exhausts vents.


4 Responses to “Day 005 – Up In Smoke!”

  1. Mr P Says:

    all bullshit by Mr.P

  2. Kartik Says:

    Dear Mr P.,
    I promise I’ll remove all the offensive parts of this post *after* everyone in office has read it 😉

  3. Ravi Says:

    hi all,

    hope you people are having nice time there.
    There will be lot of such experiments and disasters during your tenure there.

    All the best guys.

  4. Neel Says:

    Hi Kartik,

    Just wanted to share some thing about smoke detectors and alarms. The appartments in which stay have a similar arrangement. Mr. S(not the one mentioned in your blog) and his room mates, whom you know really well, has removed the battery to de-activate the same. So now the Indian smoke mixes pretty well with the American Vents, without much global warming.

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