Day 004 – Operation Rajma-Chawal

_Captain’s Log, StarDate 2007.07.10-??.??_

Succesfully prepared two rounds of rajma-chawal (well, OK, the rajma was MTR). Unpacked everyting and stayed up till 3 AM trying to get this blog up and running.

Earlier in the day a delicate question on outsourcing was raised by someone during the CTO’s talk (surprisingly, a substantial amount of the presentation was made in India first). Being the CTO, he handled the situation rather well, using management-speak like “low cost base”, “access to local market”, “competitive advantage” and such. I had an interesting conversation on the topic with my Australian friend after the talk, which I may write about elsewhere in this blog later.

Spoke to “bhai log”… and Pooja gave me a pleasant surprise!


3 Responses to “Day 004 – Operation Rajma-Chawal”

  1. Adi Says:

    Son, I am da expert in all matters related to food. I am as good at cooking as I am at operating a turntable (Ha!)

  2. Kartik Says:

    Simplified Food Flowchart:
    1. Go to shop.
    2. Randomly select pre-cooked microwavable food packets.
    3. Fumble for change.
    4. Pay.
    5. Bring home.
    6. Microwave.
    7. Eat.
    8. Goto Step 1.

  3. Anandit Says:

    Hey Bro, It seems that ya havin’ fun over there…………..hell those pix were KEWL!!!!!!!!!
    Anyways…………..getsum more pics of those tweaked out rides……………… that was crazy!!!!!
    Will send ya a mail and ask more ’bout UR trip……………..Get Goin’.
    Agent A.

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