Day 002 – The Suite

_Captain’s Log, StarDate 2007.07.08-??.??_

Beautiful white translucent curtains. Study table with lamp and leather-backed chair. Dining table for two. Fridge big enough to hold me. Microwave, stove, dishwasher, coffee maker and toaster. Dishes and wineglasses. Hot and cold water in the taps. TV. A/C and heating. A double and a single sofa. Coffe table. Side table with funky lamp. Double bed with lots of white pillows. Walk-in closet and lighting so fantastic in the dressing area that it even makes an ugly guy like me look good B-) Bath tub, shower and lots and lots of towels. Bedside tables and a radio alarm clock. Fully carpeted interiors. A view of the parking lot (fantastic cars here) and the highway beyond (fantastic trucks, or rather lorries, too).

Am a little sad about the way things are wasted here, though (but then aren’t they in any hotel?). The A/C is always on regardless of whether the room is occupied or not, the huge but empty fridge is using up so much energy just to keep the air inside it cool, the continuous hot water in the taps must be consuming a lot of energy, and quite a bit of water is wasted (e.g. no short flush and a torrential shower). And then the Canadians complain about global warming and the fact that they received less snow last winter. Unfortunately, the developing countries are the ones paying the real price.


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